In the past month Flare has purchased a Carver 30 ton hydraulic press with heated top and bottom platens. The addition of this press will allow for much quicker turnaround time on our tooling which uses a custom molded rubber insert to help discipline the bottle in the print cup.

In the past Flare has used outside contractors to coat the inside of the print cup for both OMSO Servo and KAMMANN CNC machines. This resulted in a lead time that was out of Flare’s direct control. Due to this lack of control the lead time on each print cup was pushing past Flare’s standard 1-2 week delivery time. Al Collins, owner of Flare, felt that this delay was unacceptable and searched for a viable solution to bring this process in-house so the delivery dates can be guaranteed.

After much experimentation, Flare has developed a process which can keep the delivery timeframe to the Flare standard 1-2 weeks. This delivery timeframe has been just one of the many benefits of Flare’s quality tooling over our competitors.