FLARE LLC is proud to announce the recent acquisition of a 2012 Mazak Nexus Quick-Turn 350II-MY CNC lathe!

This new lathe further expands FLARE’s capabilities to better serve our growing customer base and provide high quality parts with quick turn-around times. This is the largest CNC lathe FLARE has which will open the door the larger diameter work and long precision shafts. This machine operates on the same OS as our smaller Mazak QT 200MY meaning all previous programs can be easily moved and ran on the new machine. Both Mazak Nexus machines are Y-axis capable machines which means they can perform milling and turning operations in a single set-up which saves time and money for FLARE who then passes those savings to the customer.

Machine Specs:

  • Maximum Swing – 29.5″
  • Maximum Diameter – 16.5″
  • Maximum Thru Bar – 4″
  • X-Axis Travel – 23.34″
  • Y-Axis Travel – 5.9″
  • Z-Axis Travel – 63″

This new lathe is the result of FLARE’s continued promise to provide high quality parts at and affordable price with quick turnaround times. Bring on all of your large diameter and long precision shaft work!