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FLARE LLC offers precision machining services that will fit any budget and fill any need. FLARE’s expert toolmakers are more than capable of completing even the most difficult projects with the tightest of tolerances.

With over 40 years in the precision machining and toolmakeing industry, the knowledgeable staff of FLARE machinists can handle even the most complex of designs. FLARE also has many years of experience in custom machine design which perform a wide variety of tasks from simple fixtures to complex all-in-one product testing equipment.

FLARE provides general as well as high precision machining services using precision CNC lathe and vertical CNC milling equipment. Some of our capabilities include:

CNC Vertical Machining Centers

Haas VF-8 Vertical Machining Center
  • (1) Haas VF 2SS — 30″ x 16″ x 20″ XYZ Travel
  • (1) Haas VF 3SS – 40″ x 26″ x 25″ XYZ Travel
  • (2) Haas VF 4SS – 50″ x 20″ x 25″ XYZ Travel
  • (1) Haas VF 8 – 64″ x 40″ x 30″ XYZ Travel
  • (3) Fadal 4020 VMC – 40″ x 20″ x 26″ XYZ Travels
  • (1) Haas VF 4SS w/ 5th axis Trunion


CNC Lathe

Haas ST-35Y CNC Lathe
  • Mazak Nexus Quick-Turn 350-MYII
  • Mazak Nexus Quick-Turn 200
  • Mazak Quick-Turn 30
Grinding Capabilites

(1) Blanchard No.18 Grinder – Ø36″ Platter Size

Large Format Machining

(1) Lucas 42B-120 Horizontal Boring Mill — 48″ x 74″ Table Size

FLARE offers multi-faceted machining services for virtually any part which can be designed. If a print or 3D model already exists, FLARE can take that information and produce the part to exacting specifications at a low cost. If a 3D model does not exist, but an old hand drawn print does, FLARE’s staff of talented engineers and designers will create a 3D model and new print for production purposes. Not only do you get a precision machined part, you get an updated electronic copy of an old print.
Manual Mills
Completed mold cavities and plug assists
FLARE specializes in thermoform mold machining and repair. For over 35 years thermoform tooling has been an integral part of FLARE’s business. FLARE has manufactured many prototype and production cavities and tooling assemblies for many top thermoforming companies. With a quick repair turnaround time and a knowledgeable staff, FLARE can help you reduce your downtime and save you money.
Professional design services are accomplished through the latest version of Solidworks with the latest version of MasterCam for complex geometry programming for machining purposes. Utilizing FLARE’s NextEngine 3D scanning technology, reverse engineering of nearly any part can be accomplished.
Engineering Services

Flare has a solution for every machining need. Our multi-faceted services include machining fixtures, prototypes, special equipment, repair parts and short-run production, to name a few.